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Photographic studio

Our studio offers you professional photographing of your products. The atelier is equipped with high quality flashes manufactured by company Hensel. Thanks to bigger size of the studio (5–9 m x 7 m x 4.5 m) we are capable of photographing and working with greater objects. There are two cameras that can be used to take photo of your products. First one is professional Single Lens Reflex Camera Canon, which is used in most cases. However, if greater zoom is required, special camera Sinar that works with digital wall Phase One which helps to produce photos of the highest quality is used. We specialize in classical photography of your products that can be used in catalogues, webpages or as a decoration for interiors or exhibition. In the studio we are capable of creating simple interiors that can be used as background for photos of your products, for example stoves or furniture.

Our atelier can be also transformed into a portrait studio with many different kinds of colorful backgrounds. We can offer you various portraits or photos of groups for any use, including advertising or private purposes.

Our photographers are also capable of capturing architecture or interiors of the client. Mobile Flash Park also allows us illumination and photographing of great manufacturing halls.

Long-term we focus on photographing of landscape in order to create calendars or publications in that focus on tourism. We can offer you databases full of photos taken in České Středohoří, Krkonoše, Polabí, Šumava, etc.

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